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MTV’s “Teen Wolf” Will Have Three Types of Werewolves, May Not Be Terrible After All

Finally, someone at San Diego Comic-Con with an interest in horror has some info about MTV’s Teen Wolf show. Nomad at Dread Central got some interesting and somewhat encouraging news from producer Jeff Davis. Of particular interest are these two tidbits:

– KNB FX [sic] is handling the PRACTICAL effects!! The look of the werewolves (yes, I said “werewolves” plural) was very important so they brought in the best.

– There will be three types of werewolves in this show, all with a different look.

KNB EFX has got some pretty serious chops in the realm of practical effects, and they’ve done werewolves before too: for Wes Craven’s “Cursed” (pictured on the right) and “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”. I am now cautiously optimistic about this!

SDCC Exclusive: Dark Shadows “Chris Jennings” Action Figure from Spectre Toys

Those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be attending San Diego Comic-Con right now have a new reason to cry a little harder, especially the “Dark Shadows” fans. Entertainment Earth, those venerable purveyors of stuff I wanna buy, are selling a Dark Shadows Werewolf Action Figure, made by Spectre Toys and based on the character Chris Jennings. If you’re at SDCC you can just walk right up to booth #2343 and buy one right on the spot. Otherwise you can place a pre-order through the Entertainment Earth web site for an August release. Chris looks a little too much like Chewbacca for my tastes, but what the heck!

SDCC Photos of Mazco “Wolfman” Figures

Mazco Wolfman Figures - SDCC

ArcLight wrote in to let me (and all of you) know that Bloody Disgusting posted some close-up photos of Mazco’s official Wolfman figures. Three versions of a wolfed-out Lawrence Talbot were shown at the San Diego Comic Con, including an awesome “bloody” version. They say that you need to visualize the future you want, in order to achieve it, so let me say this again: I will have these. Click through to Bloody Disgusting to see more photos!

Tim Burton Confirms Next Project: “Dark Shadows”

Last week at the San Diego Comic Con, Tim Burton confirmed that once he’s finished with his Alice in Wonderland remake, his next project will be an adaptation of the gothic TV series Dark Shadows, featuring werewolves, vampires and zobmies. This is a nice follow-up to last year’s quasi-rumour on the subject. Bring on the new Quentin Collins!

Wolfman Trailer Photos

Update: well. that didn’t take long! The Wolfman trailer posted here has been taken down by YouTube, undoubtedly thanks to Universal’s lawyer-squad. In case you missed it, here are a few choice images grabbed from the trailer:

“The Wolfman” Preview at San Diego Comic-Con

If you’re lucky enough to be attending the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday the 25th, check out Hall H at 2:00 PM for a sneak peak at footage from The Wolfman, and a presentation from the film’s official werewolf-creator and special effects god, Rick Baker. From the SDCC site:

For its upcoming action-horror film The Wolfman, Universal will showcase new footage and a presentation from the title monster’s creator, six-time Oscar-winning special effects artist Rick Baker.