Author: Tandye

Werewolf Wednesday Theme: Sleepy Werewolves

Andrew has been too busy to post very much these days, probably because he is a workaholic who needs to be shot with a dart gun before he’ll relax! With both of those points in mind, I thought I would post a new Werewolf Wendesday doodle theme today: Sleepy Werewolves. After all that lurking and chasing and pouncing on victims by moonlight, every werewolf needs a nap!

Draw or DOODLE your own dreaming lycanthrope, then post a link to it in the comments below, and share it on Twitter with the hashtag #WerewolfWednesday. Then go take a nap!

Werewolf Wednesday Theme: Big & Beastly

Hi everyone! This weeks theme is up so draw whatever comes to mind when you think, Big & Beastly. You know, anything besides the Beast from Beauty and the Beast or Beast from X-Men, the Hulk… okay, okay, let’s stick to werewolves here people. Be creative, share your art in the comments, and as always,  have fun!

edit by Andrew: Tandye will be Livestreaming a werewolf-themed drawing & chat session at her Livestream page today, starting at 2 PM Pacific. Come hang out!

Werewolf Wednesday Theme: Fan Art

What time is it? Werewolf Wednesday doodle time! This week’s theme is Fan Art.

Transport your favorite werewolf character into a different TV show, movie or book and draw the results. For example, put Scott McCall from Teen Wolf into an episode of Mad Men (good idea @DFWendi), or show David Kessler from American Werewolf in London as a character from The Incredibles.

For my entry, I’ve chosen to show Alexis the librarian from Andrew’s Wolf-Girls story as a Whywolf from Adventure Time. Bring back your books on time!

Share your werewolf character fan art in the comments below, and on Twitter with the hashtag #WerewolfWednesday.

Werewolf Wednesday theme: Femme Fatale

It’s Werewolf Wednesday again, and that means a new doodle theme! Last week’s theme was cute, so let’s make things a little more “adult” with today’s theme: Femme Fatale. Share your drawings of dangerous werewolf ladies in the comments below, and on Twitter with the hashtag #WerewolfWednesday!