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Finally! A “Strippers Vs. Werewolves” Trailer

And on an evening where the streets are crawling with werewolves and ladies in vinyl “sexy fill-in-the-blank” Leg Avenue costumes! This looks really silly but also delightfully self-aware. Plus, dang, that Robert Englund!

Promotional Stills from “Strippers vs. Werewolves”: Muttonchops and Leather Pants Galore

Leave it to Dread Central to get the goods on Strippers vs. Werewolves! Earlier today they posted exclusive promotional stills from the upcoming Jonathan Glendening film. I’ve posted about it before so I’m just going to stop writing and share the three photos that involve werewolves (or rather, one werewolf in particular). You can see […]

“Strippers Vs. Werewolves” cast & a cool poster

According to its Facebook page and a post on Fangoria, British horror-comedy Strippers Vs. Werewolves has wrapped and will be released sometime before Spring 2012. The last time I posted about this film I was pretty mean, but I think I had just cause: there were no details on casting or story, and the poster/concept art […]

“Strippers vs. Werewolves” is a movie that is happening. Sorry.

Dread Central has the exclusive first word and concept art for a film that sounds like just the thing to take Mom to see on her birthday: “Strippers vs. Werewolves”. Producer Jonathan Sothcott has this to say: Werewolves are the hardest monsters to get right on film – and I don’t just mean the special […]

Full Moon Features: Night Wolf (2010)

When I first heard about this month’s Full Moon Feature, it was called 13Hrs, a reference to how long its protagonists have to hold out (until dawn, essentially) when they’re beset by an unknown (and barely seen) creature. When it finally came out on DVD — two years after its UK release in September 2010 […]