Under a Blood Red Moon

Under A Blood Red Moon by Sweden’s Black Eye Media AB isn’t a real film – the Vimeo page for the clip says “is NOT based on a real existing film, therefore it is not a commercial product”. It’s described as a pilot, a trailer, and a short film within the space of three sentences. Whatever it is, this clip has many of the werewolf movie tropes we all know and love: casual transformation, a dire warning, some internet research, some overt sexuality, and of course, running through the woods.

I like the lead actress and the werewolf effects quite a bit, and the detective in the interrogation room has a flustered charm I enjoy. It’s a shame this trailer isn’t really for anything… it’s three years old, and if it was going to become something more, it probably would have happened by now. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see some of these classic werewolf movie bits done with some real proficiency.