Indie slasher film “Bonehill Road” is out

When I posted about crowdsourced werewolf movie Bonehill Road last year, I had the usual mix of high hopes and low expectations. Now it’s out, and according to Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB reviews it’s… actually pretty good!

To be fair, most of the positive reviews are from people who were hoping for low-budget indie schlock featuring lots of gore and a guy in a werewolf suit, and most of the negative ones are from people who apparently don’t know that’s basically writer/director Todd Sheets’s whole thing.

My policy for movies that lean into the low-budget thing is to cut them some slack if they’re upfront about what they’re making, and everyone seems to be having fun. If you’re making a 90-minute tax write-off where everyone’s miserable, we can tell. But I’ve watched the official trailer below a few times, and yeah, it’s cheesy, and sure, there’s a guy (and maybe a gal?) in a bespoke werewolf suit, but that transformation shot, the synthy score and the slasher title splash at the end get me every time.

You can buy Bonehill Road on Amazon, in Walmarts and other physical goods retailers around America, and also directly from Todd himself, who says:

In addition to DVDs I have a few Blu-rays left and two or three VHS is left from the original Indiegogo. All items purchased from me are autographed by members of the cast and crew as well.

You can reach him through the Bonehill Road Facebook page.