Comic “Day of the Devourer” gives us a glimpse at the life of an impulsive monster

Artist Eli Bishop has created a comic that proposes a very elegant explanation for why some people just suck so, so bad. It’s called Day of the DevourerThe whole comic is readable online, but you can also buy a physical version for less than the price of a fancy coffee.

Why are werewolves so much angrier than regular wolves? Why is this very lazy man spending all his time on increasingly unpleasant compulsive behavior? This short comic may make you wonder about some of the people you run into online.

The twist in the comic isn’t hard to guess if you’ve been doing werewolf stuff online for one million years, like most people reading this site, but all the little details Eli includes kept me from rushing through to the end. I particularly like the nods to the financial practicalities that could keep such a scenario going.

Eli ran into me online and I think our exchange was much more pleasant than anything on display in the comic. I dig his art, and I have to say, I miss the days when the Internet was populated by more lovely bespoke web sites like his. I clicked around for a bit before writing this post, and I discovered that I am Mister Rogers.

See more of Eli’s work on his site, on Facebook, and on Etsy.