Werewolf woman versus zombie Templars in “Ascension of the Blind Dead!” comic

David Zuzelo is a writer who did some comics work in the 2000s and early 2010s and then virtually disappeared, leaving behind a constellation of un-updated horror, pulp and exploitation media blogs. I was worried that perhaps something bad had happened, but nope, he’s still around and still clearly getting energized by pulp comics and cinema. He doesn’t seem to be writing or doing much in the way of public work these days, so I’m not going to link to his current haunt out of respect for his privacy. Instead, I’m going to share some pages from Ascension of the Blind Dead!, a gory, seven-page comic which he and artist Billy George published in the 2010 zombie anthology Zombie Terrors.

As near as I can figure, Ascension is a fan tribute and continuation of the 1970s Spanish-Portuguese horror film tetralogy. There are certainly a lot of eyeless zombie Templars here, but the focus is on a manipulative werewolf in search of an evil artifact. I won’t spoil the ending – you’ll need to head over to Zuzelo’s 2011 blog post to read the last three pages – but if he ever gets back into writing comics, I hope he continues with this story.