Fabian Rangel Jr & Logan Faerber take an American werewolf to Vietnam in “‘Namwolf”

‘NAMWOLF is a 4-issue comic series published by Albatross Funnybooks that ran through the Spring and Summer of 2017. It didn’t appear on my radar until friend of the site @RealizationNews tweeted at me earlier today, and now I’m firing up Comixology to buy the series – the synopsis and what I’ve seen of the art is too good to resist.

When scrawny Marty Spencer is drafted into the Vietnam War, he finds himself smack dab in the middle of the heart of darkness. But Marty has a secret. A secret even from himself. And Vietnam is a hell of a place to find out you’re a werewolf.

When news of the series first dropped in January, Nerdist ran a write-up in which the creators, Fabian Rangel Jr (whose work I enjoyed in an earlier werewolf comic, Extinct) and Logan Faerber shared some of their influences.

“I’m a huge werewolf fan, especially 80’s werewolf movies, explained writer Fabian Rangel, Jr. “So the inspiration is definitely ’80’s style action movie with a werewolf.” told us. When you read ‘Namwolf, a real ‘80s grindhouse feel comes through, like a throwback to a time when you discovered stuff like this on VHS at your local video store. “Ultimately, this was combining elements we both love; monsters, werewolves, cheesy action movies, and Vietnam flicks. Maybe if Predator weren’t so high budgeted, [and] replacing Arnold with Bill Paxton, [‘Namwolf] could’ve been one of those ’80s straight-to-VHS classics!” artist Logan Faerber added.

The Nerdist article also has several preview pages, including alternate covers by Eric Powell (creator of “The Goon”) and the legendary Mike Mignola (“Hellboy” and its extended universe). You can see all four standard covers and two pages of Marty making a “discovery” below.

‘Namwolf is avaiable on Amazon in various formats and digitally from Comixology. A trade collecting all four issues comes out October 27th, and you can reserve yours now with item code AUG171133.