All-ages werewolf comic “Moonlighters” joins the Halloween ComicFest catalog

Space Goat Productions is combining three things I love: werewolf comics, Halloween and free stuff. Their very sweet, very fun all-ages comic Moonlighters has joined the 30-title roster of Halloween ComicFest, and will be including a mini-version of Moonlighters #1 (which I reviewed in March) in the spooky version of Free Comic Book Day.

Halloween ComicFest happens on the Saturday before Halloween (this year it’s on October 28th) at your local comic shop. It’s a family-friendly event where you can pick up some free comics, show off your costume someplace that isn’t a cold sidewalk after dark, and maybe win a shopping spree in the Halloween ComicFest costume contest. There are at least two comics in this year’s list that feature werewolves (Moonlighters and this Black Betty one-shot, which looks great), and the commemorative t-shirt (illustrated by Francesco Francavilla) features a werewolf who’s super into Hellboy.

For more on Halloween ComicFest visit the event website, and for more on why Moonlighters is an especially good choice for a family-friendly give-away, check out this Space Goat news post. And lest you think a kid-friendly werewolf comic has nothing to hold your grown-up werewolf fan attention, check out this page from Moonlighters #2, which shows that not every werewolf transformation in the series is of the “sparkle magic” type.