They made a comic called “Werewolves Vs. Dinosaurs” and it’s a lot of fun

It might sound like the punchline of a “can you believe what kids are reading these days” joke, but Werewolves Vs. Dinosaurs is a real thing – a 32-page one-shot comic from American Mythology that you can buy with less than four dollars of your money and read on your screen. It’s written by mystery author Eric Dobson and painted by artist Chris Scalf (Star Wars, Godzilla). And it actually did originate from a story that started as a goof between a kid and his father.

Scalf explains in the press release posted by Horror Society’s Comic Crypt:

My son is a big rail fan and loves going on trips to distant towns to visit rail lines. I myself am a comic/sci-fi fan, I would always wonder out loud if there were in any comic shops in any of these towns… We kidded around about the need for my sci fi/monster interests to coincide with his train hobby in a comic book— something like “Werewolves in a train.” This led me to doing a mock pulp cover for said comic. Eric Dobson, a friend who is also a great writer, saw it, and wanted to write a story around it.

The story is not complicated, nor does it use the titular creatures to any particular effect – any two fearsome monsters would do, I think – but to expect more from it is to overlook its whimsical origins. Werewolves Vs. Dinosaurs is the ultimate “let’s pretend” bed time story for kids: the bad guys are literal men in black, the deaths are scary but bloodless, the Saturday morning cartoon mythology tops itself on every page, and the monsters are rendered in twice the details of their human prey.

Look. In this comic a werewolf puts a velociraptor in a headlock. If you can’t meet something like this halfway, you’re probably reading the wrong web site.