See “End of the Road” at Dragoncon today & ask about “Bad Meat”

If you’re attending Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA, I have your 4PM appointment for today locked down. Unmanned Media‘s Blaine Moir and J. Taylor will be screening their excellent werewolf short End of the Road in the “Horror 1: Monsters & Mayhem” block of the convention’s film festival.

After the screening, Moir and Taylor be doing a Q&A. If I was there my first question would be “when can we expect to see more Travis Coles because he rules“, but you might like to ask about their next project “Bad Meat”, which will pit two famous kinds of monsters against each other. That I’m mentioning it should tell you what one of the monsters is. What they’ve told me about it sounds phenomenal, especially in light of how good EotR was. Stay tuned for more on “Bad Meat” soon!

If you’re not able to attend Dragoncon, read my review to see why watching it for free here is a good idea.