“Howl”, the comic where everyone’s a werewolf except a history teacher with a baseball bat

I have another werewolf comic recommendation for you, and this one you can buy and read right nowHowl is a black and white indie series about Jack Lowe, high school history teacher and “last man living in a world where a mysterious pandemic has transformed everyone else [including his wife, Rebecca] into werewolves.”

Thanks to the Lycanthrope Emancipation and Human Transition Act, everyone in the world – except Jack – gets to go buck-wild on the eve of the full moon, although people are encouraged to restrain themselves for their own safety. Of course, not everyone thinks self-restraint is necessary or patriotic.”Things might have changed,” the Lowe’s bulldog of a neighbour barks over his hedge, “but we still have rights!”

Writers Ryan DavidsonEastin Deverna and artist Dan Buksa funded the first two issues of Howl with a Kickstarter campaign that went on to raise 180% of its goal. I’ve read those two issues, and I’m happy to say they’re smart, funny, and just adult enough – thanks to some gore and mild werewolf nudity – that it could earn you some serious Cool Aunt / Uncle Credit if you were to get it for your wayward nephew or niece. Buska’s werewolf design is big and hairy/scary enough to satisfy any werewolf fan, but nuanced enough that readers can easily identify who a werewolf might be on the other 29 nights of the month.

Issue 3 is in the works. For updates on that and other merch (they had a cool t-shirt design at one point), check out the Howl web site, Facebook page or Twitter account.