Celebrate the 4th with this gore & drool-streaked poster for “Joe Dante Presents American She-Wolf”

Happy Independence Day! Caption Comics is celebrating the red, white and blue by releasing a teaser poster for its upcoming comic anthology series, Joe Dante Presents American She-Wolf.

Yes, that Joe Dante. He’s been working with TrailersFromHell.com colleague Kris Millsap, who created American She-Wolf along with co-writer Lance Dobbins. This title is the first of (hopefully many) comics that Caption plans to develop for the enjoyment of cinema savvy comic readers.

According to Kris, American She-Wolf is an anthology series that will showcase “gritty tales of girls gone feral” in a variety of formats. Artists Greg Smallwood and Ario Murti are involved, and an illustrated anthology magazine and a graphic novel are in the works. From what Kris tells me, they have a lot of werewolf stories to share, and more details will be released later this summer. For more information, follow Caption Comics on Twitter or Facebook.

In the meantime, check out this lovely gore and drool-streaked painting by Orlando Arocena, featuring a hand-lettered ASW logo by Mateusz Witczak. Ah, it’s patriotic enough to make me consider applying for that dual citizenship!

American She-Wolf Poster