Get trapped in the lonely, guilty surreality of Rich Tommaso’s “She Wolf” #1

Issue 1 of Rich Tommaso’s new Image title She Wolf is the loneliest thing I’ve read in a long time.

she-wolf-1-eatingSince Gabby Catella watched her boyfriend Brian die in their high school parking lot, she’s been having problems. Nightmares plague her, bleeding into daylight in episodes that might be waking dreams, hallucinations or, worst of all, reality. She’s taunted by creatures who look like Brian did the night he was gunned down – lithe, smirking monster wolves who peer back at her from mirrors and invite her to consummate her growing appetites. Gabby resists, but there’s a reluctance there, underscored by an apology and acceptance of responsibility – for what? – she makes to wolf-Brian moments before his death. She’s isolating herself from the sun-bleached 1980s summer around her, and to the rest of the world, Gabby may look like a traumatized teen goth in mourning, but to readers, it’s clear she’s dealing with the unintended consequences of some darker problem. I can’t wait to find out more.

She Wolf #1 is available now, digitally on Kindle & comiXology, and in fine comic shops everywhere. The next three issues come out monthly between July and September. If you’d like to pre-order like I did – and increase the chances of there being issues beyond these four – here are the details: