Paul Simon’s “The Werewolf” is coming, with extra fries

Paul Simon - Stranger To Stranger Paul Simon is one of those musicians who’ve always just been there during my life, even though I’m only – deeply – familiar with one of his albums. That shallow knowledge is going to get a little deeper on June 3rd, when his album Stranger to Stranger comes out.

The opening song on that new album is The Werewolf, a tune that would have fit perfectly on Graceland, with its quirky instrumentation, drawling vocals and black-humoured lyrics about modern dread.

Two things I learned about Paul Simon today: he’s one of those people who pronounces it “WURR-wolf”, and his singing voice has not changed a bit in 30 years.

NPR’s All Songs +1 podcast has an interview with Simon about how The Werewolf was conceived, written and recorded. “We’re about to get hit with all the stuff that people’ve been saying we’re going to get hit with for a long time, and it’s coming.”

Thanks to @burntwolf for the link!