You got werewolves in my creepypasta: “Bite of the Werewolf”

Creepypasta (essentially, spooky stories passed around on the Internet like urban legends) is a huge sub-genre of horror, with web sites, wikis and Reddit forums dedicated to its creation, dissemination and discussion.

My experience with creepypasta begins and ends with Kris Straub, who wrote the legendary, often-ripped-off story Candle Cove, and whose work in prosecomics and criticism has had more influence on me than any other creator in the horror space.

There are even YouTube channels dedicated to creepypasta, like Don’t Turn Around, created by Paul (writer) and Eddie (narrator). Paul and Eddie recently emailed me about their narrated story video “Bite of the Werewolf“, which I’m happy to share. The gist:

Jake lives in a castle in the middle of nowhere. He has been told to keep all the doors locked at night, especially on a full moon.

I wouldn’t call “Bite of the Werewolf” a great story, but from what little I know about creepypasta, it seems like a great example of the genre – simple set-up, something scary happens, then a twist ending. I posted a mini-review of it on Twitter last week:

More werewolves in all media, please, including broad, not-too-deep Internet-centric areas like creepypasta.