Stoner ski bum vs. rich kid werewolves in upcoming horror-comedy “The Wildness”

As reported exclusively by The Wrap, BC-based Bron Studios’ “genre label” The Realm is set to produce a werewolf feature film called The Wildness.

The story follows a ski bum who’s pushing 40 and still has a penchant for drugs, babes and transcendental meditation. He’s forced to become an unlikely hero in order to save a mountainside community too drunk on wild parties and over-development to notice that their kids are being systematically turned into werewolves.

Director Marcel Sarmiento will be shooting the horror-comedy from a script by Evan Dickson. Casting is underway, and filming is set to start in January 2017 right here in Vancouver.

There’s nothing about The Realm on the Bron Studios web site, but The Wrap describes it as “a genre label that specializes in director-driven films across multiple genres”. So, probably not horror-centric label, but something more boutique-y in general. I’m happy to see werewolf films getting some traction in these channels.

I can already think of several Vancouver-area mountainside neighbourhoods where over-development and parties are a thing. Of course, what this means is that once again, somewhere within 20 miles of me there will be cinema-quality werewolf costumes and makeup in play, and I will have no credible reason to be involved.