Sonja Langskjaer animates a stylish, skin-shredding werewolf transformation

Via @Somnilux comes this dress- and skin-shredding werewolf transformation by animator Sonja Langskjaer (YouTubeInstagram). It’s “only 8 seconds” long but it’s animated so well that you’ll probably end up watching it five or six (or a dozen) times to catch all the details.

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This nameless lady is a pharmaceutical executive who’s gone from hosting a high-rise penthouse cocktail party celebrating her company’s successful Q2 to preparing to annihilate the Treadstone-style assassins who are enacting some espionage shenanigans in the sub-level laboratories.

Okay, I made that up. But what’s undeniably true is that when she’s done transforming, this werewolf is still wearing her own skin as a stylish belt. You don’t mess with that.