Meet steely Sally & her mopey, savage wolf-dad in “Untamed” short

Continuing the “werewolves and music” trend, here’s Untamed, a beautiful, touching and intense short film from a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Ani-mation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

Sally, an introverted 15 year old girl, lives and bears with her wolf-father in the city of New York where Wolf is slipping more and more into his world of wilderness.

Sally still remembers the man he used to be; a brilliant and talented jazz trumpeter. Where did her father go? And can he still be found somewhere within the Wolf?

This got to me. Something bad happened to these two, and not only is Sally coping with whatever it was, she has to deal with her father’s grief/depression/alcoholism induced werewolfism as well. Get it together, Wolfdad.

It was a little strange to see a stop-motion effect applied to a CG world, but the character and set designs were so carefully done, so tactile, that I think it worked. That Wolf is scary.

This link came via Mr. Kate, who you might remember as the musician making werewolf-themed beats last year.