Alexis Ramirez’s “Wolf Mother: Hunted”

New York filmmaker Alexis Ramirez has emailed me every year since 2012 with a link to one of his new werewolf-related video projects. I’ve never posted about any of his work before, but today I’m sharing a trailer, synopsis and link to rent or purchase his latest project, a 14-minute short called Wolf Mother: Hunted.

Here’s the synopsis:

With her strong leadership style, Luperca, a transformed werewolf, is honored the title of Wolf Mother among her family of mutated werewolves. With a family of her own, and away from the human world, everything seems fine. But things takes a turn when a werewolf hunter, from a generation that spans way back of hunting these creatures, wants to kill Luperca and her pack. This demanding, controlling, madwoman, contracts a hunter to hunt down Luperca and her pack. Ironically the hunter becomes the hunted. The wolf hunter, now takes matters in her own hands, to try and get her success and to uphold her family tradition.

I haven’t seen anything except the trailer so I’m not going to attempt a review, although I suspect my opinions and conclusions would be similar to those I had with Angelic Wolves. Personally, I liked the music and the enthusiasm, but not enough to pay $5 to rent or $10 to purchase the whole thing. My poor judgement and taste are on the public record, though, and you may feel differently about Wolf Mother: Hunted.

You can see some behind-the-scenes material and share your comments and opinions on the Wolf Mother Facebook page.