The “Monster Suicide Squad” trailer is great, even if you don’t care about “Suicide Squad”

I’m not interested in the Marvel and DC film franchises, so I wasn’t moved by recent chatter about a new trailer for The Monster Squad, in which the quintessential 80’s kids-vs-monsters movie is recut cut to reference January’s trailer for DC’s Suicide Squad. Most gritty superhero reboots are, kindly stated, “not my thing”. But when enough trusted voices recommend something, who am I to turn it down?

I’m glad I got the stick out of my ass. ThatMattCaronGuy has taken something I love and made it even better by referencing something I don’t give a shit about that just isn’t for me.

From Robot 6:

This edit doesn’t simply drop in “Bohemian Rhapsody” over old movie footage, though. Oh, no: Matt Caron took what we can only presume was a long time to match shots from The Monster Squad with those from the Suicide Squad trailer. He did a bang-up job of it, too.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison to see how well Matt matched things up.