“No Dog” by Esben and the Witch

Here’s an exchange I had on Facebook last night with Dan Wallbank, friend and Werewolves Versus contributor. He had just posted this Esben and the Witch song.

AQ: Fucking hell, dude, Esben and the Witch, where did THEY come from

Dan: I was working with Quietus playing on Youtube and it just transitioned seamlessly to that song. I thought it was just Quietus with guest vocals and went to repeat the track and was like… wait. There are no Q’s in this description at all. At that point I had to stop working, crank the volume and just listen.

I encourage you to do the same. Great song, great lyrics, killer performance.

Esben and the Witch are a three piece rock band from the UK, currently residing in Germany and named after a Danish fairytale. “No Dog” was first released in 2014 on an untitled split EP with Thought Forms, then later that year on their album A New Nature, available on BandcampAmazon and iTunes.