Wolverton, where werewolves “hang out and have pizza just like everyone else”

Author and artist Peter Von Brown wrote in to share his new comic, about a place that I would like to live.

I’m an author and artist who recently started up a webcomic called WOLVERTON, about [a] town of werewolves. It’s unconventional in that these are gentle werewolves, interested in hanging out like regular people in wolf form.

There are eight pages up so far, mostly depicting the discrimination that Talbot the 24/7 werewolf faces in his everyday life, despite just wanting to chill on his front lawn and eat chips. He’s eventually driven out of his home, but with some guidance from a magic 8-ball, discovers some clues about a place where his kind can pick up a pizza without getting hassled by the man.

The cute, colourful art and underlying gentleness contrast effectively with the reality that all kinds of people face exactly this sort of treatment every day. Wolverton updates on Wednesday. I’ve subscribed – check it out for yourself!