Universal refuses to let Larry Talbot die, plans 2018 resurrection of “The Wolf Man”

As reported by The AV ClubArrow in the Head and many other movie news outlets today, Universal’s “Classic Monsters” reboot scheme is continuing apace with a March 30th 2018 release date for “The Wolf Man”. That’s one year after the planned release of their Mummy reboot, and eight years after the 2010 The Wolf Man remake squandered Rick Baker and Benicio del Toro.

Writes Dennis DiClaudio for The AV Club:

There’s still no word on who will star as the hapless and hirsute Lawrence Talbot; unlike The Mummy’s Imhotep, it’s a meaty part for an actor (no pun intended), so the studio may even be able to secure an A-lister. The script was written by Aaron Guzikowski, who was recently tasked with bringing a very different horror icon back to the screen.

The only source for this news is an updated entry for the film on Box Office Mojo, but given the site’s connection to IMDB and the film industry, it seems credible. It’s certainly no coincidence that Friday, March 30th 2018 is on the cusp of a full moon.

What I don’t understand is what’s in it for us. (I originally wrote why here, but I know why – they want to make a shitload of money with their intellectual property.) Nothing about the concept of another Wolf Man reboot stirs me. It’s a tired story. Unless Guzikowski takes things in an entirely new direction – and then is it really a reboot? – my only reaction to this news is vague dread. The creature effects eye candy is nice, Hollywood, but please tell some new stories.

Thanks to @colonelnemo for the link.