Vote for “Wolf Hands” screen adaptation in Storyhive competition

A Canadian werewolf film needs your eyeballs and votes in a film competition!

Wolf Hands is a proposed film adaptation of a serialized weekly comic of the same name by Justin Heggs and Nick Johnson. It’s part of Storyhive, a competition similar to the one that gave the world WolfCop. In Storyhive, “local creative talent in Western Canada” vie for one of thirty $10,000 production grants and the chance to have their completed projects shown on TELUS Optik TV.

You don’t need to register, log in or sign up to vote, and you get five votes per day. Voting ends on November 9th, and in literally two clicks, you can vote for Wolf Hands, so please, get clickin’!

But, you ask, what am I voting for? Well, if you didn’t click the serialized weekly comic link above (or the first page, embedded in this very post), here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Calgary, AB – Two Crater Moon is proud to announce the official Telus Storyhive campaign launch of Wolf Hands, an adaptation of the revered local comic book series, starring Shane McLean and directed by Braden Brickner.

Wolf Hands tells the story of Vaughn Miller, who after being mauled by a dying werewolf, must go on the run in fear of his developing curse hurting the people he loves. Trouble follows him in the form of Professor Orchid, a maniacal scientist hell-bent on capturing Vaughn and exploiting his newfound abilities for his own nefarious ends.

A horror/comedy in the vein of Edgar Wright and Sam Raimi, Wolf Hands is a viciously entertaining romp that strives to capitalize on the coming Halloween festivities as the Telus Storyhive short film competition officially commences on October 26th, 2015.

Basically, Two Crater Moon wants to make a weird horror-comedy out of a nonsensical comic with a ludicrous premise. I like it so much I say they deserve two of those grant slots. Go vote!

You can also follow Two Crater Moon on Twitter, and Wolf Hands the comic on Twitter or Facebook.