Mr. Kate’s “Gabriel” beat made me like “Van Helsing” again

Other than some great werewolf designs, I didn’t think there was anything that could redeem the 2004 Hugh Jackman feature Van Helsing. Beat-maker Mr. Kate (aka Th3N1ghtF0x) just proved me wrong. “I’ve been making some beats lately,” they wrote in an email, “and being a huge werewolf nerd, had to do a little Van Helsing tribute.”

I have a deep appreciation for El-P but I don’t know anything about beat-making, hip hop or its many sub-genres. I do know that in less than two minutes, Mr. Kate’s trap beat “Gabriel” delivers more entertainment than the film it samples did in two hours. I want to hear someone rap over this, ideally some verses about vampire trash and preposterous stagecoach jumps.

Check out the rest of Mr. Kate’s beats and remixes on SoundCloud for some great stuff, including an insanely catchy Anchorman-inspired beat.