Hair of the Dog updates: Whiskey poster & Sleep Nation video with werewolf action

It’s a big week for Hair of the Dog, the upcoming film about a middle-aged werewolf trying to get his life back on track through AA and a lycanthropy support group.

As you may recall from my Q&A with filmmaker Michael Butts, Hair of the Dog has evolved from a short film into a feature-length production, and filming starts this weekend. As with any big production, this is a collaborative effort, and I want to share two things that Michael shared with me.

Tennessee rock band Sleep Nation is providing the soundtrack for Dog, and they just released a music video for their song Mr. Unlucky, directed by Michael and starring Scott Crain as werewolf Ethan Russoff. I like the tune, and if this is the kind of stuff Ethan gets up to in bars, he’s going to need more than a support group to get his shit figured out.

Michael also sent me this faux whiskey poster by Caleb Paschall, “a buddy of mine who does special make-up effects for films who designed this fun poster on my behalf”. I might learn to like whiskey if this was a real brand.

Hair of the Dog Whiskey