When & where to get a copy of “Howl”

Howl is a 2015 horror film from director Paul Hyett about a commuter train out of London that has no problems, does not break down in the middle of a werewolf-infested forest, and which gets everyone to their destination safely and on time. The preceding synopsis was brought to you by Britain’s National Rail. “National Rail: not getting our passengers murdered by the supernatural since 2009”.

National Rail’s payment for that sponsored synopsis never arrived, so allow me to amend it: the train does break down in Nighttime Werewolf Forest, and many of its passengers get severely eaten. No post on this site has received more attention in 2015 than the one showing Howl‘s trailer, and like all of those visitors, I want to know when and how I can watch the carnage.

If you live in North America like me, you’ll have to wait until January 2016, when distributor Alchemy releases it. British audiences are luckier: Werewolf News reader dhardynelson emailed me this morning to remind me that Howl will be available to own on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on October 26th.

I’m on a train myself as I write this, and we’re passing through a forest. If this is the last Werewolf News post, rest assured that I survived the attack and definitely didn’t get mulched.