Test your classic werewolf film knowledge with TFH’s Famous Monster quizes

You think you know werewolf movies? Prove it (and don’t use IMDB!) with this Trailers From Hell werewolf quiz, which came to my attention via Craig J. Clark (who got 10/10, because of course he did). These questions will seriously test your mastery of lycanthropic film lore! If you waltz in there all smug because you watched Werewolves on Wheels once, be prepared to receive the same ignominious score I did. I can only hope to redeem myself on Thursday, when TFH posts “Part Two of our Werewolves quiz” – hopefully with an 80’s theme.

Update 2015-10-08: Part Two is up now, and my 10/10 score on today’s quiz brings my overall average to a solid B–. I’ll take it!