Sam Wilson: The Falcon, Captain America and werewolf (again)

I’m a dummy when it comes to Marvel and DC comics. I spent my peak comics-collecting years ferreting out all the Predator stuff Dark Horse published, preferring alien big game hunters to capes and superpowers. It takes a lot to get me interested in anything The Big Two are doing, but turning one of your marquee characters into a werewolf (again) definitely qualifies.

Issue 3 of Captain America: Sam Wilson, written by Nick Spencer and with art by Daniel Acuna, comes out in November. I don’t know anything about the previous two issues, but I guess Sam Wilson used to be The Falcon, and now he’s Captain America? And also a werewolf?

Because you demanded it– the return of Cap-Wolf (er, Fal-Cap-Wolf)! What horrors await– IN THE DUNGEON OF DOCTOR MALUS?

I… don’t know! But Acuna’s  cover art alone is enough to make me want to know!

Thanks to Nemo for the link.