It’s October, so get your spooky profile picture commissions!

It’s my favourite Twitter tradition! As soon as September ends, you have to perform two rituals:

  1. Change your Twitter username to a spooky derivative – equal parts scary and corny (eg. if you’re Marco Arment, you could be Marc O’Lantern).
  2. Get a profile picture to match. It has to be a picture of you, but Halloween-ified – you can’t just put up a stock image and call it good (unless you’re rocking a gimmick, in which case, you’re excused).

Finding an artist who’ll do a good monster portrait of you cheap and quick can be tricky, but three of my favourite artists are starting the month of Halloween October with special limited-time deals to help you out.

If you get a profile pic drawn by one of these people, mention @WerewolfNews on Twitter because I wanna see!

The flattering portrait of me at the top of this post is by Lew, who will get added to this list instantly if and when they start accepting this kind of commission.