Glasgow artist’s woodland werewolf was calibrated for maximum scares

Via Kelly P: a paint and cling-wrap art installation by “Glasgow based aerosol artist” Rogue-one, designed to traumatize the unwary hikers of Scotland.

I took a trip to Pollok country park and painted something to scare the dog walkers & mountain bikers ?
Instagram @rogueoner

Imagine coming across this painting just after sunset, when the lighting is weird enough to activate the part of your brain that’s always scanning for large, pointy mammals that might eat you.

Rogue-one put this beast up on Tuesday the 13th, and according to Facebook comments, it was already trashed by the 14th. The artist was sanguine about it –”It’s done on cling film & doesn’t have much of a life expectancy” – and no wonder, considering the talent and prolificacy on display in his gallery. This guy can cling-wrap a werewolf any time he likes.

For a close-up look at this werewolf (and more of his incredible work), visit his Instagram page.