Deluxe Werewolf 20th Shattered Dreams

Here’s an already-successful Kickstarter campaign for Shattered Dreams, a lavishly-illustrated book for players of Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition looking to bolster their storytelling with canonically accurate history.

W20 Shattered Dreams presents an in-depth look at the pre-history of the Werewolves and the Changing Breeds, both the threats that drove them to war and the War of Rage itself. The book showcases many time periods and many ways in which the War could start, so that players and Storytellers can make prehistory their own.

Writes Amanda “Hyena” Johnson, who submitted this item:

It’s about the various Wars of Rage, so a lot of fighting between the werewolves and the other various shapeshifters (From the Ice Age upwards to the modern era). The art by Ron Specer and Brain LeBlanc is great too and pretty violent.

Also, they are running a campaign where you can post various things to unlock achievements. From posting images of your werewolf tattoos, W20 fanart, or selfies with wolves, mass etc. in the Kickstarter comments.

I’m there to post playlists everyday.

Those playlists are great! Hint: search the comments for “Hyena”. If you’re looking to expand your W:TA library, this looks like a wonderful addition.