Side effects may also include murder fugues

Want to start the week with a “hell yes, people are making cool stuff” boost of energy? Check out the latest promo video for Hair of the Dog, the crowdfunding-in-progress werewolf/addiction feature film by Michael Butts, Scott Crain and Will Cassidy. It’s called “Side Effects”, and was “inspired by all the cheesy medical commercials that list all those crazy side effects.”

Every time I see a promo piece from this crew, I’m impressed by the production quality and the tone of the humour they’re extracting from the material. For a deeper look at the concept, read this interview Michael and I did back in June.

They’re looking to raise another $7,300 so they can get this thing shot, so if you have a few bucks laying around, consider chipping in instead of buying that tenth pumpkin spice latte of the month (typed while drinking my second of the month).