New Theme

In what’s become an almost yearly tradition, I’ve just created a new theme for this site. This year I’ve reworked things to be as simple as possible.

My main goal with this revision was to focus on the stuff I like to write, and that you like to read: individual posts. That means removing a bunch of stuff, including

  • the jumbo photo header
  • featured posts from the home page
  • “related” links and the mini sponsor badge at the bottom of single post pages
  • category links
  • mandatory featured photos

The full text of each post is now visible on the homepage, too – no more “first three lines, then click to read more”.

I used to be a designer but I’ve recently come to the realization that I’ll only ever be moderately competent in that arena. Consequently I’ve been cribbing layouts and concepts from other, more talented folks. The outgoing design was pretty much a (credited) blatant rip-off of Tools and Toys. This one borrows pretty heavily from Daring Fireball, with a little touch of Lore.

If you find anything broken, weird or illegible, please let me know in the comments for this post, or on Twitter.

As always, thanks for reading!