Give yourself a werewolf mani/pedi for Halloween, jury duty or a job interview

Thick yellow claws are a timeless and respected nail style for any werewolf looking to make deep, long-lasting impressions on the faces, torsos or locked front doors of friends and colleagues. But what if you’re like me and your keratin situation has cursed you with nails as flimsy and harmless as construction paper?

Don’t worry! You can still get that fresh, ready-to-maul look. In this video submitted by Leticia R, makeup artist Alexys “Lex” Fleming demonstrates how to give yourself a flawless lycanthropic manicure and pedicure with modelling waxPros-Aide (or spirit gum) and some basic cosmetic supplies. These nails won’t hold up to rough wear and tear, but they look appropriately monstrous, and they’ll be sure to impress your professor, orthodontist or bail bondsman.

Check out Lex’s line of ethical, vegan, cruelty-free eyeliner and makeup brushes, plus her other amazing makeup tutorials, including this one that demonstrates how to re-create the look of a werewolf from Penny Dreadful.