COO MODEL’s “THE WERE WOLF” is the most amazing werewolf figure I’ve ever seen

Via Rich “Werewolf Fan” P: COO MODEL TOYS is a Chinese company that specializes in hyper-detailed 1/6 scale collectible figures. They’ve just posted prototype photos and specs for the second entry in their Monster File line, THE WERE WOLF.

This is the most incredible werewolf figure I’ve ever seen. It comes with 31 swappable parts, so you can display him in various stages of transformation by switching out his head, hands, legs, feet and clothing. There’s even a comic to give him some background and explain why he has a little doll as an accessory.

I can’t find much background on COO MODEL or the designer of this model, OUZHIXIANG. I can’t even tell you for certain what the first Monster File model was! According to this forum thread it might be Frankenstein’s Monster. It seems like the Monster File line is an imprint for COO MODEL to team up with designers and clothing companies like PopToys to create limited edition, hyper-detailed one-off models.

If you’re not in China and you want to get THE WERE WOLF, there are two US retailers taking pre-orders for an early 2016 release: Big Bad Toy Store and Hobby Galaxy. Expect to pay around $200.

For more photos and a detailed parts list, check out THE WERE WOLF’s product page.