Support Mai-Coh, “An Art-House Horror Feature Film”

Filmmaker Kei Pervaiz has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her upcoming art house/horror film Mai-Coh, about an “ancient Navajo curse” brought to life and a young woman who “craves blood and revenge”.

…this story is about a female descendent of a Navajo tribe who becomes unfortunate enough to come in to possession of a cursed Wolf Skin. Bonding with the Wolf Skin and conflicted between the evil it brings, we follow our main character’s journey to redeem her human spirit and hopefully, break the curse OR embrace it.

Pervaiz’s company, Bad Wolf Films, is “inspired by B-Movies, World Cinema, Surrealism and a fascination with dream psychology. Bad Wolf Films often include themes of “Nightmarish Visions, Death Rituals, Mirrors and The Self,”  some of which are evident in the teaser for Pervaiz’s previous film, Maya.

The campaign is looking to raise £5,000 in the next 20 days, and is offering the usual buffet of backer rewards. I really like the promotional art by Shannon Legler, and I’d definitely be into postcards or posters.