WEREWOLVES VERSUS THE 1990s: 60+ pages of 90s nostalgia & werewolves

It’s time to spread the news! I’ve been working on WEREWOLVES VERSUS, a twice-yearly digital zine in which werewolves are mashed up with different physical, cultural or ideological themes. Issue 1 is about the 1990s, and it’s out August 18th!

What is it? A full-colour 60+ page anthology of werewolf art, stories, poetry and comics. Inspired by the decade of skateboards, clam digger shorts, AOL disks and the colour aqua.

When? Available Tuesday August 18th through Gumroad as a digital (but printable) download. Click here to get notified when it’s available.

How Much? Pay what you want, including $0. All proceeds are split between participants, though, so any amount is greatly appreciated.

Who Did This? These 16 righteous dudes and dudettes:

This is my first time designing / editing / curating a publication, and it’s the most fun I’ve had in years. The amount and quality of the submissions is astonishing. Please check out the contributors linked above, and sign up to get a notification when the first issue of WEREWOLVES VERSUS is published. Thanks!