Roll for initiative with werewolves, zombies, shotguns and more on Trilania’s Monster Dice

Thanks to the fundraising abilities of Kickstarter and the laser focus that comes from being a geek who’s really, really into a specific thing (that same focus makes this very site possible), you can get a pair of monster-themed dice from Trilania for for $5 USD, delivered anywhere in the world.

Werewolf Dice preview

Some Kickstarter projects just barely cross the finish line, but with over $5,300 raised against a goal of $500, it’s safe to say that these dice are gonna get made. The reward tier is nice and simple: give more money, get more dice, including some custom designed dice at the higher levels.

Most of the campaign’s stretch goals have been met, which means backers will have access to designs featuring more monsters, including some famous characters: H.R. Giger’s Alien, the Predator, Ash & the Evil Dead, Skeleton Jack and more. These are almost certainly unlicensed, but I don’t mind supporting the grey market if it means I can roll a pair of Predator dice to determine which Catan hexes produce resources.

Here’s a helpful list of in-game things you could use the werewolf dice for:

  • how many people you get to eat this turn
  • how many steaks can you fit under your shirt before the meat department clerk gets suspicious
  • the quantity of silver bullets those resourceful neighbourhood kids blast into you with the revolver the “bad” kid snuck from his dad’s closet
  • the number of minutes left until moonrise afflicts you, because you’re a forgetful dope who’s currently at a shopping mall, nightclub or parent-teacher conference
  • number of full moon nights you can be inexplicably absent before your significant other notices

If you’d like a pair of werewolf dice (or other monsters, I guess, but why), you’ve got until Sunday, June 14th to pledge.