Lore Podcast Episode 3: The Beast Within

My current list of podcast subscriptions is so long (“all the great shows“) that even with a 2-hour commute and a 45-minute workout, I end each day with a lengthy queue. Suffice it to say I’m picky about adding new shows, but Aaron Mahnke‘s Lore Podcast made the list in less than 20 minutes.

Each episode dissects the cultural and historical influences behind a given supernatural phenomenon or scary story in 20 minutes. The third episode, The Beast Within, is a fascinating examination of the European werewolf myth’s 16th century origins.

In 1582, the German town of Bedburg was ravaged by a violent and mysterious creature. After untold bloodshed, the townsfolk took up arms and hunted the monster down. What they found was something out of our deepest nightmares, and entirely too close to home.

Mahnke is a great writer and speaker who takes a story familiar to even the most casual werewolf fan and turns it into a captivating, atmospheric experience. The background music (from one of my favourite band’s weirdest albums) is used to great effect, and at 19 minutes, this is an easy listen, even if you “don’t like podcasts”.

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