The Coors Light pants of “Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter” will dazzle you on Adult Swim

After over two years of pitching it, Jon Glaser‘s “dumb, arbitrary joke made on Fallon over 2 years ago” is set to become a live-action mini-series on Adult Swim. Get ready for “Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter”.

From Deadline:

Set in the pretend sleepy enclave of Garrity, Vermont (aka “B&B Town, USA!”), Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter is the story of a neon-clad man with a mysterious past and a highly specialized skill set – hunting werewolves. When a sudden plague of inexplicable werewolf fatalities strikes, the Garrity sheriff’s department finds itself in over its head and the fate of the townspeople is left up to Neon Joe.

If you think that sounds ridiculous, here’s a little more background from a conversation Glaser had with Vulture in 2013:

“He wears Coors Light pants because they call Coors Light the silver bullet, so those are his silver bullets to combat werewolves.” As for how this brilliant idea came to him: “I have these Coors Lights pants that I love, and I have a neon hoodie and a neon hat. So there you go — there’s the show.”

Glaser’s the only man I would trust (other than Jared Hess, maybe) with a concept this insane. He was a writer for Conan and Human Giant, and he was delightfully absurd as corrupt dentist / private bathroom enthusiast / crappy politician Jeremy Jamm on Parks and Recreation.

No dates or further details have been released, but I imagine Glaser will share them on his blog. I plan to enjoy the hell out of this, no matter how messed up it is. Good luck and godspeed, you wonderful neon weirdo!