Explore the supernatural risks of veterinary science in “The Better To Find You”

Kel McDondald‘s Kickstarter comic project The Better To Find You is an 80-page story about a small-town veterinarian enlisted by a werewolf to help track down another werewolf – a rookie in the sights of a hunter who’s packing silver ammunition.

McDonald is a prolific and dedicated creator with a ton of projects to her name (her ongoing comic Sorcery 101 has been running since 2005)! The Better To Find You is her latest project – an 80-page “goofy short mystery” set in the near future. The first eight pages are available to read on her site right now.

thebettertofindyouwith-panelThe preview hooked me like the cold open of a good action / adventure / mystery TV show. It does a great job of setting up the story and demonstrating her art style. Longtime readers of this site will know I’m not a fan of the “werewolf = oversized wolf with a human brain” thing, but I also don’t like cilantro or olives, so my tastes are suspect at best. An interesting story trumps details like that anyway, and The Better To Find You definitely interests me – I’m curious to see how the near-future setting fits into things, aside from the hovercraft cars.

The Kickstarter’s $6,000 goal will go towards printing and shipping. Rewards include increasingly fancy versions of the book, original art and copies of other kick-ass comics McDonald has had a hand in (oh yeah, she’s already created and delivered on six other Kickstarter projects). The campaign ends on June 22nd and as of this post it’s over 30% funded. Check it out!