Werewolf News Patreon

Hello! I’d like to spend more time writing for this site and the Supernatural Registration Authority and less time taking on side jobs I’m not really into. To help make that possible I’ve created a Patreon!

I love writing. I try to write about monsters and the supernatural as often as I can. I’ve typed hundreds of thousands of words between Werewolf News and the SRA since 2008, and it’s all available for free. That’ll continue for as long as I can put words on a screen.

Over the past few months I’ve made some changes to Werewolf-News.com that hopefully make it easier than ever to browse, read and share the werewolf stuff I post about. I’ve also increased my posting frequency, which has been a fun exercise in 1) finding things to write about, and then 2) writing about it quickly and well. I’ve been managing four or five posts a week, which doesn’t seem like a lot to me, but is apparently enough that some people are having a hard time keeping up.

But I want to do more!

I have a day job that I really like, and I also need to work side jobs to support Real Life Expenses. Those side jobs take away from the time in my day that I would otherwise dedicate to writing things like

  • even more posts for Werewolf News, including new stuff like reviews, editorials and in-depth looks at artists and creature effects
  • articles, short stories, and eventually novels for the SRA

Your support on Patreon would make it easier for me to focus on writing these kinds of things, instead of spending my commutes fixing HTML and CSS problems in other people’s broken web sites.

There will always be opportunities for these things to pay for themselves (sponsorships here, and the paid SRA registrations). Patreon is a way for you to support me if you don’t want a PDF certificate of your werewolf registration you don’t care about (or already have) whatever the sponsor is advertising, and you just want to give me a dollar because you like what I do. It’s also a way to get ahold of some cool things like a portrait of yourself as a monster on the SRA site, and access to the Secret Werewolf Tumblr Firehose.

Unless I have a cool new reward or milestone to share with you all, this will be the only time I post about my Patreon. Whether you visit it or not, I appreciate your readership and support over the years, and I look forward to bringing you more werewolf goodness!