Hipster werewolves party on Brazilian Brucuta Beer label

This raucous beer label by São Paulo’s Elefante Project Design popped up on The Dieline last week. My Portuguese is rusty (actually non-existent) but my Brazilian friend has authorized me to pronounce this label muito legal.

Daniel Araujo of Elefante designed the label on the eve of a full moon for a small batch of backyard beer brewed up by a chemical engineer friend who “likes to drink a lot”. The term “brucuta” is a slang term that roughly translates to “frightened admiration” – appropriate for a werewolf design, I’d say, but not my first reaction to a werewolf in cut-off jean shorts and hiked-up socks. Nevertheless, a fun design that continues the emerging trend of werewolf-themed beer.

Check out Elefante’s site or Tumblr for more of their work, and The Dieline if you want to feel astonished at the amount of effort and thought that goes into packaging design.