Bloodborne’s werewolves look rad & work hard, please don’t farm them

Bloodborne is a new PlayStation 4 game that’s so difficult it’s making gamers cry. It’s also making me cry because I’m receiving reports that players are farming the game’s werewolf enemies. Farming them!

Blood Echoes are the in-game currency for purchasing items and levelling your character up. The most obvious way to obtain Blood Echoes is to kill stuff. The tougher the enemy, the bigger the payout. If you want to rack up a lot of this loot, you need a way to kill a lot of tough enemies while exposing yourself to minimal risk. This logic is driving some nefarious players to justify the wholesale slaughter of werewolves. Not cool.

The werewolves in Bloodborne are big, rangy beasts with long limbs and wide shoulders. They’re not graceful or sleek. Like every other aspect of this punishingly tough trash London, they look filthy and deadly. Their size (and a possible glitch) keeps them from being able to fit through certain doors in Yharnam, although they’ll keep trying to get through to you and all the delicious meat on your bones. You can stand just out of range of their attacks, kill them, then collect the Blood Echoes they drop. Leave the area, come back to find two more werewolves, and repeat.

If you don’t mind suffering through Bloodborne’s diabolical load times in order to exploit this glitch, and you’re okay with rudely killing werewolves, here’s how, courtesy of a PS4Trophies video and this Prima guide:

While at Hunter’s Dream, activate the lamp to visit Central Yharnam. Once there, head to the location with the two werewolves; seems they’re called Scourge Beasts. These guys won’t hesitate to attack, and when they move towards your character, immediately high tail it out of there and run into a house. Although the werewolves continue their relentless pursuit, they won’t be able to fit through the entrance.

With the werewolves on the opposite side of the door, pull out your hunter’s cutting weapon and attack. Keep in mind you can still take damage, but so long as you stay frosty, bait these creatures and then execute some quick strikes, you shouldn’t have much trouble killing them.

Rude as hell.