Loup Garou Stout from Bayou Teche Brewing

Brewmasters know that werewolves and beer go well together. Louisiana’s Bayou Teche Brewing adds another lycanthropic label to the liquor store shelves: Loup Garou Stout.

I don’t drink much beer, but I’m on holiday in Arizona right now and I do like a nice stout, and Loup Garou Stout sounds delicious:

Brewed with werewolf-sized helpings of chocolate and roasted Belgian malts, brown sugar, and hops, this ale is finished in oak. Skilfully crafted, our Belgian-style stout is ideal for sipping on well past bedtime, waiting on the fabled Loup Garou.

It came out in December and it might be hard to find now, but this positive review by And The Valley Shook and the label art are enough to make sure I’ll be looking for this in Total Wine a little later today.