Mythical Creatures Butcher Shop presents: how to cook a werewolf

If you resolved to eat better in 2015 and you don’t mind a little hair in your food, consider this recipe for Greek Style Leg of Werewolf courtesy of Mythical Creatures Butcher Shop. This dish is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and is nutritious for everyone except the werewolf. If you’re not quite sure where to hack into that werewolf corpse in your freezer for the best cut of meat, don’t worry – the recipe comes with a handy chart.

If you’re not big on the idea of eating werewolf (or if you don’t have enough razors to properly prepare the meat), consider the other Mythical Creature recipes for unicorn and dragon, also accompanied by charts that will help you carve the beasts up with a minimum of waste.

MCBS and its proprietor “meatman” Marcelo Cain Terrato (who’s every bit as mythical as the creatures he butchers) are the creations of marketing director / burger enthusiast / beer sommelier David “Rev” Ciancio, who donates the proceeds of these butcher chart t-shirts to various New York City charities. It’s a shame the “werewolf cuts” shirt is no longer available (if it ever was) – maybe if we honk at him on Twitter loudly enough he’ll restock them.

Thanks to @Werewolf_Guide and @CahnoPander for bringing this great design and recipe to my attention. I’ll have to try it with something a little more commonplace than werewolf meat, though – perhaps lamb?