Hear Chris Rock as werewolf-hunting werewolf in “Broad City” clip

In a clip from an upcoming episode of Comedy Central’s Broad City, Abbi and Ilana spend a day movie-hopping on a pair of scammed passes. Their first stop is A Fang for a Fang, a book-turned-film starring Chris Rock as a werewolf hunter who’s a werewolf himself.

Okay, so it’s just an off-screen gag that lasts about 20 seconds, but it sounds like Underworld meets Blade starring a guy with a million times more charisma than Wesley Snipes. As fictional films go that’s pretty awesome, but I’m going to guild the lily by imagining that it also stars Louis C.K. as a skeptical NYPD cop who ends up as Rock’s sidekick.

This episode, the second of the season, airs on Comedy Central on January 21st.