Werewolves on Sketch Dailies

Five days a week, the @Sketch_Dailies Twitter account posts a theme word, and artists from all over the world draw something inspired by that word in the hopes that their work will be shown in the curated Sketch Dailies gallery. On October 28th the theme word was werewolf, and art for it was still coming in as late as this Wednesday!

I’d love to give you a way to see all the werewolf submissions that made it onto the Sketch Dailies site, but there’s no way to search the site, and the archives are chronological, so the werewolves on page 14 could be on page 20 by next week. The only way to see all of the art is to craft a specific search on Twitter, which is visually a mess, but which has the advantage of letting you see among the results all of the submissions that weren’t approved for the Sketch Dailies site.

Here are some of my favourites!


Derek Sullivan

Derek Sullivan / @derekpsullivan

Kenneth Anderson

Kenneth Anderson / @charactercube

Max Ulichney

Max Ulichney / @MaxUlichney

[stylistic!] /  @tekkamehng

stylistic! / @tekkamehng

Punching Pandas

Punching Pandas / @punchingpandas

M. S. Corley

M. S. Corley / @corleyms

Alberto Camara

Alberto Camara / @Camarasketch

Elaine Bogan

Elaine Bogan / @EelBog

Aziz K.

Aziz K. / @azizk

Nan Lawson

Nan Lawson / @NanLawson